About Us

Malwa Zieba is the founder of Powder Brows Academy.

   She has changed the lives of hundreds of women, through her treatments and training they regain their self-confidence. We all know, self-confidence is a WOMAN.

  From the very beginning her charisma and energy attracted first customers, who shared a positive opinion and praised her work helped  to develop her passion.

   She started in 2011 as a beautician and linergist. However, 2015 was a breakthrough for her, in which she began to pursue her beliefs and stubbornly pursue her goal, and the motto:

Investing in yourself
is the best investing
you can make

   Began to be present in her life in the foreground.

   After numerous courses and trainings  in cities like London, Amsterdam or Prague, and under the direction of people like Kamila Kaca or Sviatoslav Otchenash, she started to build her brand.

Powder Brows Academy

   Originally, the academy was called Malwa Permanent Beauty, after the founder’s name, but with the development of a permanent make-up salon, it transformed into an academy educating future PMU Artists.
   Together with the help of her husband Łukasz, she is storming the Irish market, achieving many successes.
In September 2017, the prestigious magazine Permanent MakeUp described the silhouette of Malwa and her achievements in an article entitled “How to become a master in one year”.

   The crowning achievement of the great and successful year was participation in the most prestigious Irish Hair & Beauty Awards 2016 and taking second place in the “Creative Permanent Make Up Artist” category. The award is given to brands of the highest standards that often have to work on their reputation for years. All the more, it reflects the rate and standard of Powder Brows development.

   The founder of PB Academy is the creator of an innovative method of eyebrow pigmentation, which is becoming a leading product in the field of permanent make up on the Irish market, and will soon be one of the most popular on the European market.

   Together with her husband she is a co-creator and co-organizer of the PMU Championship project – the first permanent makeup championship that took place in January 2018 in Dublin and was a success, which means we will see the next editions.

   Powder Brows is not only Malwa Zieba but also the aforementioned husband – Łukasz Zieba. This is a unique duo that perfectly complements and balances each other, thus with hard work and determination they will reach new heights.
Together, as a brand in March 2018, they won a prize that might seem so far away – but not for them. At The International Runway Achievers and Recognition Awards, Powder Brows Academy won The Best Business of The Year award! 

   This only further fueled them to act. In April 2018 they relocated the headquarters of the company, which they renovated and prepared themselves with their own hands. The new training center will accommodate more people.

   All awards and articles in the magazines harden the brand’s position on Irish, Polish and soon also on the markets of other European countries and America!

   But this is not the end – It is only a beginning as Mr. & Mrs Zieba will make sure of it. They have many plans, and as they have managed to prove, nothing will stop them. That is why we only have to wait and observe how they thrive.

“Success is effort, hard work and respect for rivals”

And the Power Brows Academy can be proud of such success.