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Permanent Makeup: The Beginning

Have you ever wondered where does permanent make-up come from? As you know, trends and techniques changed over the years, but Chinese people have made the first attempts at tattooing.

About two thousand years ago, they used bamboo rods for this purpose, ending with a needle for stitching silk. The needle was attached to the rod with a wool thread, which at the same time constituted as a reservoir for a dye of vegetable origin. With short, strong movements, it was “stuck” under the skin without exceeding the border of the epidermis.

Such were the beginnings of permanent make-up, which should be associated with a tattoo rather than with today’s permanent make-up. The difference is that in the first case the make-up is done by introducing the dye with many punctures of the skin and in the second one by ‘scribbling’ it with a quickly spinning needle.

Permanent makeup masks the imperfections of the beauty, contours the face, gives it clarity – and best of all, it does not smudge in the most important moments. What more could you want?

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